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Welcome to Sarah’s Yoga Loft.

I have built my dream yoga space, situated on Lord’s Hill in Snohomish County.  In a quiet rural neighborhood there are no city sounds to distract your attention. You may even be serenaded by doves or the calls of Redtail hawks. The windows of The Loft overlook rolling green pastures with the majestic Cascade Mountains looming in the background. The beauty of the natural world inspires us to pause and pay attention, creating the ideal environment for the mind/body practice of yoga. With commitment and time, our posture improves, we grow stronger, we become more flexible in our bodies and in our lives.  We become kinder to ourselves and others. Slowly, we start living with intention, mindful of our health, our thoughts, our words, our actions. We begin to trust the wisdom that awakens within. The practice of yoga is a journey towards the healthiest, most vibrant version of ourselves.

I invite you to come and practice with me.



Sarah Johnston

I have taught yoga for 22 years. I have practiced yoga for 39. I feel more vibrant now than I did at 18 when I rolled out my mat for the first time. My personal goal is to be happy, healthy, and still riding horses well into my nineties. I have enjoyed teaching many students over the years in Health Clubs, Yoga Studios and in the Corporate world. I believe that yoga benefits every person regardless of age or skill level. When I am not practicing yoga or riding my horse, I enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, and knitting. 



Sarah's Yoga Loft

13507 134th Drive SE

Snohomish, WA 98290 

Tel: 425-387-8720


Instagram: sarahsyogaloft

Facebook: Sarah's Yoga Loft

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